Big Wood School

The Big Wood School is a community of welcoming and nurturing educators, dedicated to ministering Christ’s love and grace as we encourage each young person in his/her spiritual growth and provide professional guidance to develop each child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. With the school, home, and church working together, we become the anchor for effectively preparing students for life.

100 Saddle Road
Ketchum, ID 83340-0660
208-726-9053 phone
208-622-2740 fax

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Big Wood School, an outreach of the Presbyterian Church of the Big Wood, provides a strong academic curriculum that is firmly based on Christian principles.  Children thrive in a loving and caring environment where they grow intellectually and spiritually.  Positive discipline is used throughout the school and children learn to respect themselves and each other. Big Wood provides an academic program for children 18 months through Kindergarten with an after school study club for 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders. Kindergarten and Pre-K supplements are offered with pick up from local school available.  Our teachers are extremely dedicated, enthusiastic and creative.  Each teacher writes her own curriculum using Idaho standards as a basic guide as well as materials that are available on site and over the Internet.  In addition to their curriculums, teachers incorporate music, art, science and Christian activities in their daily lesson plans.  We feel that our program provides each child with experiences that allow them to grow spiritually and academically in a loving and caring environment.

Curriculum resources:

  • Wright-Way Skills (Pre-K/K)
  • Math Your Way
  • BrainPop Jr.
  • Preschool Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Reading Horizons (K-3rd grade)
  • Creative Pre-K
  • LifeWays
  • Imagination Station

Programs and Classes

Big Wood School offers a variety of programs such as preschool, kindergarten, kindergarten supplement, study club, extended care and more. The purpose of the Big Wood School is to provide a quality education, the development of social skills, and provide an environment for the teaching of Christian values.  This will be accomplished on a day-to-day basis, in a fun and loving atmosphere. 

Throughout the school day, students enjoy age-appropriate activities in language arts, math, and science that relate to each week's theme. To enhance the learning process, teachers incorporate hands-on exploratory activities as well as field trips to a wide variety of places of local interest. School-wide events bring a new dimension to the year. Special weeks such as Science Week, Art Week, Disability Week allow students to experience various aspects of the basic theme. Our highlight of the year is our Annual Gallery Walk. For this special event, the school is transformed into a gallery of student art. Visitors enjoy an evening of music, games, and refreshments, culminating in an art auction featuring a professional auctioneer. By having art and music as integral parts of each day, children thrive in an environment that encourages creativity. With a dedicated and responsible staff Big Wood becomes the perfect place for children to grow in a safe and loving environment.


Morning programs (8:00 am-12:15 pm) are provided for children ages 18 months through Kindergarten. Children are involved in small groups which focus on the use of manipulative and experiential learning for concept and physical development. Social and emotional skills are promoted through the development of life skills and manners, loving mentoring relationships with teachers, supervised play, and the use of positive discipline- providing positive choices, developing respect for each other, using natural and logical consequences, developing problem solving abilities, etc.

The extended care program (12:15- 5:30 pm) includes a lunch period, a nap option, a large motor program, developmental art, instrumental music and rhythms, free exploration stations and free outdoor play. Parents have the option of enrolling their kindergartners in our K supplement (after 11:00 am) and their children grades 1-3 in an afternoon Study Club (after 2:35 pm). Study skills will be taught and working on homework will be the goal, encouraging quality home time after a long day at work.


Welcome to PCBW’s Family Ministry. Our goal is to encourage and develop inter-generational relationships across the entire church community.  We do this through neighborhood group gatherings and a variety of events offered throughout the year. We have family worship celebrations, outreach through service, progressive dinners, sledding, and bowling, just to list a few.

Supporting and encouraging one another through the challenges presented in the various phases of life is a natural outgrowth of our life together.  Opportunities for mentoring are available as relationships deepen.  Our desire is to create opportunities for these bonds to be established and developed on a regular basis.