PCBW is led by a group of twelve elders, women and men chosen to represent the congregation.  Elders may serve two consecutive three-year terms.  As a group called the Session, the elders are responsible for all aspects of the church’s life.  Each elder has responsibility for one area of our ministry, and for the development of a team from the congregation to work with them.  Our staff serves with the elders, leading and supporting the various ministries of Christ that take place in the life of the church.  Our leadership team members are:


Bob Henley Senior Pastor
Tai McGee Office Manager
Kira Gray Youth Ministry Assistant
Hollie Hatch Young Adult Ministry Coordinator
Carrie Kotara Children's Ministry Coordinator
Greg Eslinger WOW Director
Karis Kemp Director of Music and Worship
Dorinda Rendahl Pianist
Josette Stellers Receiving Treasurer
Jay Cutler Sound Technician


Dave Bjerke Adult Ministries
JoAnn Boswell Clerk of Session
Brad Cleveland Family Ministries

Jim Figge Big Wood School
Mick Halverson World Missions and Building
Dennis Hanggi Adult Ministries
Ed Northen Worship and the Arts
Marty Orwig Communications
Steve Tracy Adult Ministries


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