Missions and Outreach

As part of our strategic budgeting process, we annually tithe with your tithe.  In other words, approximately 10% of our church’s income is distributed to missions as selected by our governing body.  We believe it is vital for PCBW to reach out to those in need beyond our church’s walls, the difference between being a mission compared to our ministries.

One third of our annual distributions is directed toward international needs. Another third goes to regional and national needs that occur on college campuses and support for smaller churches that need financial help in our area. Lastly, approximately another third funds local missions like our PCBW school, community dinners, youth mission trips, agape, and a ministerial fund for those needing emergency assistance.

Funding can change depending on the need and new missions can be added at any time.  The mission team considers all written requests for those in need.

To learn more about each of our missions, please click on the links below that will direct you to detailed explanations of each mission.  We also encourage you to visit our estate planning site which provides language for you to include in your will to help do God’s will long after you’re gone.  The need for PCBW’s ministries and  missions will continue for decades.  It’s our opportunity to truly make a difference.

International Missions

One third of our annual distributions is directed toward international needs.

Free Wheelchair Mission

The Free Wheelchair Mission was founded by Dr. Don Schoendorfer.  Don, who has a PhD from MIT, as well as several patents in the bio-medical field, left behind his career in order to meet the needs of the mobility impaired throughout the world.  For a gift of less than $75, you can change the life of someone and their family or support network with a wheelchair.  PCBW has sent two teams to partner with FWM, and we have seen the impact up-close and personal.  We’re privileged to partner with this outstanding organization.


Give Hope for Life

Give Hope for Life is the theme of Mapalo, a non-residential orphanage in Ndola, Zambia.  Started by Peter DeBaun, former PCBW Associate Pastor, this ministry is changing the lives of 300 children each day.  Mapalo, which means blessing, is bringing hope to children whose lives have been ravaged by HIV/Aids and hunger.  They are helping children build sustainable lives through education, feeding, healthcare and providing safe drinking water through village wells.  Please click here to find out how our partnership with Mapalo is using your financial stewardship to strengthen this ministry.


Northrise University

Northrise University started with a dream in the heart of Dr. Moffat and Doreen Zimba.  Now that dream is becoming a reality that is one of the great, positive stories on the African continent.  Northrise is a Christ-centered educational institution dedicated to equipping men and women to work in ministry and business to contribute to the spiritual and economic transformation of Zambia.  We have had the privilege of supporting and participating in this great work for almost a decade.  The farm is leading toward Northrise becoming self-sustaining in the new few years.  Members from PCBW have traveled to Ndola to participate in Impact Ndola, and it has been our privilege to welcome the Zimbas to PCBW on many occasions.  Click here and see the great things that God is doing through your stewardship in Zambia!

Local Missions

Ketchum Community Dinners

The Ketchum Community Dinners serves free meals on Wednesday Evening from 6 – 7 p.m. in the Family Life Center. This is a great opportunity to help in our community to people who are in need. Volunteers are always needed. Please contact Beth Ward at 208-622-3510 or email bethward0709@gmail.com for information and to help with this wonderful ministry.

 Ketchum-Sun Valley Ministerial Fund

The Fund is used to provides emergency financial assistance for people in our community. The Fund is run very economically with no administrative costs, etc.  — all donations go right to people in need. The financial assistance is limited to $50 per calendar year per person so that as many people in need can benefit as possible.

The Agape Fund

The Agape Fund is a fund that is set aside through gifts of the congregation to assist members and non-members alike with short-term, one-time, financial assistance.  The fund is administered on a confidential basis.  We do not provide any monies directly to individuals, but rather provide resources, to help with bills, repairs, food, etc.  Please contact joannboswell@cox.net or bobneroinsurance@cox.net regarding assistance.

Regional and National Missions

CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) (Rob and Kristen Hamm)

Wee Kirk

Kendall Presbytery

Cole Missions (Nick and Laura Armstrong)