Church Prayer Chain

A 24-hour ministry that welcomes your prayer requests and your participation in the chain. The group prays for anyone who is ill, recuperating or in need.

Please contact Gay Miremont at to add your name to the prayer list or to become a prayer warrior!

Prayer Requests from 8/20/17

For my family - Pray for strength and peace as my father enters hospice.

Please continue in prayers for the delay in my son's release and for his protection and safety. Thank you for merciful attention to the many inmates who need medical attention.

For my sister in law - who has terminal cancer. That she may reconcile with Jesus before she dies.

For Marty - that she may have complete confidence in God's love and his promises.

For Dennis J - Please pray that his cancer that has returned will be healed and that he will have hope.

For Allen Holcomb 

For Glee Sides

For Colin's grandma, Carol - who is suffering from Lou-Gehrig's disease and broke her pelvis. 

Please pray for wisdom for my sisters and I as we make decisions about our frail, 90 year-old mother's cancer treatment.

For Daisy - Emily's grandma's dog passed away last week. 

Prayer Requests from 8/13/17

Praise for a good visit with my son and grandchildren and for patience with our daughter and grandson this week. Also, pray for travel mercies as we drive to Montana.

For Devon Peterson (14 years old) - Her cancer has come back. Please pray for the treatments to work and for strength and comfort for her and her family.

Please continue to hold up my son for endurance of the release agreement. Thank God again for the peace in my daughter's home.

Prayer Requests from 8/7/17

For our son, James - He's suffering from depression. Needing a job and dealing with responsibilities of a new baby.

For our son, Geoff - That he would find a job.

For Kishiko S - Operation for brain aneurism - 30% predicted chance of recovery.

For Greg L - Recurrent strokes.

For Roger L - CNF and Renal Failure.

My sisters home is barely a mile away from the fire in Jerome. Please pray that the crews are able to get it contained.

For Wildfire Fighters and those who wait nervously for their return home.

Please continue to hold up my son waiting for the papers for his release to move along.  Please pray for strength, safety and restoration. Please add prayers for the medical care of all the inmates.

Prayer Requests from 7/31/17

My sister who has stage IV liver cancer that is spreading.  Pray for her to know Jesus and to receive her salvation;

Brian Nieuwsma (sp?)...dislocated shoulder;

Carol Plummer who has been in the hospital since last Friday with seizures.  Pray she can be on her own without help;

Diann. My sister will undergo a spinal fusion process on Thursday, Aug 3rd; 

JoAnne Boswell and family as they mourn the sudden death of her son, Craig recently;

Allen Holcomb, open heart surgery in Orlando;

Our son, Noah...please pray that he keeps You close to his heart too choose the narrow path;

Peggy Wayne suffering from dementia;

That my children and their children would have a good, safe time together next week in Oregon;

Marty.  That she would have COMPLETE confidence in God's love and His promises


Derick, our nephew, a young man with profound loneliness, seizure disorder since childhood, social issues, now has found acceptance at a Church in Boulder!

Thank you again for prayers for my son waiting for the slow paperwork for his release. Please include the peace of my daughters's house.

Prayer Requests from 7/23/17

For Marvin - My friend and my christian father in Redmond, WA - He has Parkinson's and is soon to leave for heaven. Please pray for freedom from pain.

For my daughter - Her heart continues to soften to God.

For a couple who lost their son. For God's comfort, peace and strength during these days ahead.

For my son, Troy - He is having serious heart stress. He needs to rest and has trouble doing that. Pray for God's peace in his life.

For Lindsey - a 40-year old mother of four-year old twins and two stepchildren was just diagnosed with Leukemia. Prayers for treatment, recovery, and a faith to trust the Lord.

For Stacey G - Who has breast cancer. Pray for successful surgery and speedy recovery.

Thank you for prayers for the courage, endurance and safety of my son who is waiting the delay of his release. Pray for God's intervention. 

For Gwynn - My father's body is riddled with cancer and he is not doing well. Please pray for peace and comfort for him and strength for my mother. 

For Liam O'Neil's Grandma - who has a mental illness.

Fran Jewel had a heart attack and needs prayer for healing and fast recovery.

For a Church friend who lost a son.

For my daughter to find a job. Pray for financial blessings. 

Prayer Requests from 7/16/2017

Richard, that he knows peace with God and that his family can find peace with his passing.

Lori who is dying of breast cancer. Portland

Adam, let him feel loved, safe and worthy.  S. Kirk

My 25 year old son struggling to overcome his depression and finding his way out of this dark place this last year.

Rob, safe travels to MN to see mothers. Dialysis going very well - no more heart catheter, pray for transplant soon, In God's time.

Courtney Loving, watch over her Thursday, (21st) difficult hysterectomy. Gay Emery, July 16th

Clair (a man), has Parkinson's. Also, Brandon & family to walk w/Lord and faithfully w/God... Brandon and his work - bing a single dad.

Gary and Donna...the loss of their son, Gregg.

Prayers for the people and firefighter in CA & British Columbia! That God would calm the winds and send rain.

Thanks to God for release papers for my son were signed on the 6th.  Please pray that they will stop delaying release and that he may go to his sister's house.

Greg Eslinger, to share the gospel message in a practical and effective way.  For courage to not keep it to himself.  

Betty and her recovery.

Prayer Requests from 7/2/2017

For Phil - His father had a last minute pace maker put in and is doing well, but keep him in your prayers.

For Marty - Need prayers for healing and recovery of my two brain tumor surgeries. Thank you.

Thank you for prayers that hold my son up in the risky and slow justice system. We need renewed strength to endure.

Prayer Requests from 6/25/2017

For my stepdad - Who passed in the early morning hours. He went very quickly and peacefully. I am so thankful I arrived in time to see and love on him one last time. We are in the process of planning the service on Saturday in Pampa, TX where I grew up. We will drive from Austin. I appreciate prayers for my mom and all the family. - Carrie Kotara

Thank you for prayers for the endurance safety and restoration of my son and the order that has been brought to his sister's house to make a place for him when the justice system finally gives him his freedom.

For Jerry, my husband - Who was bitten by a spider and now it has become infected.

For Joyce - Who is losing her vision. Please pray that the upcoming surgeries will be successful.

For Shannon B - Has a chronic migraine - no treatment has been successful.

For John S - Has an auto immune disease that has caused a loss of eyesight and affected his balance. He is 81 years old.

For Barry R - Trying to recover from severe bronchitis.

For my brother, William - Who passed away on June 22. He is finally free from the anger that consumed his life and is at peace with God. And for his caretaker and companion who will need prayers to fill the void.

For a church member - She is very ill with a blood disease and is still in California getting treatment. Please pray for her recovery.

For Dillon O - He has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Waiting for a residence facility to house him.

For Russ and Sandy - Grant us enough energy and guidance to shepherd our great grandson this summer.