James, A Faith That Works

PCBW Fall Focus Study, October 1 - November 12 

What does real Christianity look like?”  “How do I know my faith is real?" 

These questions lie at the heart of the book James, the book we are excited to announce we will be studying during PCBW’s Fall Focus study this year.  What James want to challenge us with is this truth: that real faith is not seen in what we claim to be true, but in how we live.   

Please allow a several second delay before the audio starts...

October 1 “Joy in Trials” James 1:1-18

October 8 “Listen Well” James 1:19-2:13

October 15 “Faith Works” James 2:14-26

October 22 “Tongues on Fire” James 3:1-18

October 29 “How to Come Back to God” James 4:1-12

November 5 “Wisdom in Planning, Patience in Suffering” James 4:13-5:20

November 12 "How to Manage Your Money" James 5:1-12, Mark Inouye


Our Fall Focus will involve three coordinated parts: 

1. Sunday Morning Worship

2. Individual Study Guide

A study book by Sam Allberry, James: Genuine Faith, is being made available for purchase, and we are encouraging everyone to use it parallel to the sermon series as a way to get deeper into the Scripture. Books will be on sale for $10 - if cost is an issue, just let us know and we will get a copy. 

3. Small Group Study


Tuesday, 8:00 am
Leader: Ed Northen
Where: The Coffee House, 620 N. Main Street, Hailey
Mix: Men

Tuesday, Noon
Leader: Lynn Peterson
Where: PCBW
Mix: Women

Tuesday, 7:00-8:30 pm  Leader: Mark Inouye
Where: rotates
Mix: Mixed


Wednesday, 7:00am
Leader: Phil Doerflein
Where: PCBW
Mix: Men

Wednesday, 9:00 am Leader: Cindy Kirk
Where: PCBW
Mix: Women

Wednesday, 8:15 am
Leader: Carrie Kotara Where: Carries House
Mix: Women



Day TBD, Time TBD Leader: Trent & Keri Austin
Where: TBD
Mix: Mixed

Day TBD, Time TBD  Leaders: Jim & Renee Strang
Where: TBD
Mix: Mixed

While you are encouraged to participate in all three of these opportunities, we understand that this is not always possible - so please feel free to participate at whatever level you are able. Questions? Call or email Mark at mark@pcbw.org or 208.726.5123