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Guatemala Mission Trip

PCBW is sponsoring an adult mission trip to Guatemala where we will be working with Living Water International to drill a well in a village without clean water, teach hygiene and sanitation principles, share Bible stories, while reaching out to village families. You can get more information at The Connection, or by calling Tedde Reid at 847.226.8503. 

Guatemala Well Drilling Trip
Adult Mission Trip with Living Water International
May 4-11, 2019

The Mission Committee of our Church has selected to work with people in a remote village in the region of Escuintla, Guatemala, to provide clean water for their village.   The committee has asked our pastor and his wife to lead the team.

Some of our Church members will travel to Guatemala in May with the commitment to drill a well, providing fresh water for the village for a long time.  The well will be a borehole, likely 100-120’ deep.  It will have a hand pump, sanitary seal, gravel pack and be covered with concrete and a fence to keep the animals away.  The water will be “shocked” with chlorine and tested for bacteria, etc., while our group is there.  

The community will appoint a “water point caretaker” who will oversee the care and governance of the well.  This caretaker will stay in touch with Living Water Guatemala in the future regarding the functionality of the well and the pump.

During our week there, we will work with the women and children on proper sanitation and hygiene.  Our hope is to help them prevent the spread of germs and disease via proper sanitation practices.  We will also teach them how to make an oral rehydrating solution to prevent dehydration.

And, we will use “oral learning” methods to teach stories of Jesus and the “living water” only He can provide.  Every time they use the water from the well, they will be reminded of God’s love for them and the love and caring for them shown by the members of the Presbyterian Church of the Big Wood in Sun Valley, Idaho.

We know that only a few people can represent our Church in Guatemala digging the well, teaching sanitation and hygiene and telling the stories of Jesus.  But other Church members can help in two very significant ways:

Pray for our Team as we prepare and as we do the work we are challenged, but excited, to do.  You’ll be hearing more as the time to go to Guatemala draws nearer.

Contribute to the cost of the well and the trip.  Each traveler will be paying his/her own expenses.  The Mission Committee would like to raise funds for the cost of the well.  We’d appreciate your help to raise $12,000.

A)   Please either put your check in the offering plate when it is passed with the word “Guatemala” on the memo line, or

B)  Use an offering envelope for cash and mark Guatemala on it.

For more information on going to Guatemala, Living Water, our community in Guatemala, etc., stop by Connection during Coffee Hour and talk with Jim or Tedde Reid. 

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