February Focus: ECO National Gathering

January 22 - 25, 2018, Paster Inouye and session member, Bart Adrian attended the ECO National Gathering, in Houston, Texas, representing PCBW as a recent convert to the ECO denomination.

Pastor Mark and Bart attended the keynote address and other presentations to gain insight into the new denominational family.

Following are some highlights from this event.

Additional links to the event follow:

Website for the gathering attended by Mark and Bart: http://econationalgathering.org

Website for ECO, the denomination PCBW belongs to: http://eco-pres.org

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Always feel free to reach out to any of the elders with questions regarding session. For more about this February feature and event, contact:

Mark Inouye, Senior Pastor, mark@pcbw.org 
Bart Adrian, paradoxadrian@gmail.com