The Apostles’ Creed - Church Lenten Study


For many of us who grew up in the church, The Apostle’s Creed is very familiar. We’ve memorized it. We recited it regularly during worship in the past - sometimes weekly. Even so, many of us have not taken the time to study it in depth, and hear from it the great truths of the Christian faith it contains. This is what we want to do this Lent - take some time to focus our attention on this part of our heritage, and as we do, see that it is more than just an ancient creed. 

Please expect a several second delay before audio starts.

February 18: I Believe, Mark Inouye

February 25: God the Father, Mark Inouye

March 4: God the Son: His Identity and Birth, Mark Inouye

March 11: God the Son: His Death and Resurrection, Mark Inouye

March 18: God the Holy Spirit, Mark Inouye

March 25: The Church, Forgiveness and Eternal Life, Mark Inouye

April 1: Easter Celebration, Mark Inouye

Our All-Church Lenten study will involve three coordinated parts:

  1. Sunday Morning Worship: Our services and sermons will focus on a particular section of the creed.  We will look at the nature of God, the person of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the church, hoping not just to increase our knowledge but to grow in our faith. 
  2. Individual Study: A study guide by Alister McGrath entitled The Apostles’ Creed will be made available for purchase, and we are encouraging everyone to use it parallel to the sermon series as a way to go deeper. Books will be on sale for $10 - if cost is an issue, just let us know and we will get a copy.
  3. Small Group Study: Our church's small groups (which meet on various days at various different times) will also be using McGrath’s study guide and will be using it as a vehicle to think through the implications of what we are hearing and studying together. If you are not currently in a group that will be participating in this study and would like to be, there is room in some of our current groups, and we hope to have new groups forming as well, so please come by and sign up at the table in the Outer Court Gallery.

While you are encouraged to participate in all three of these opportunities, we understand that this is not always possible - so please feel free to participate at whatever level you are able. Questions? Email Stephanie Manning at, or call the church 208.726.5123.