Ketchum Community Dinners

We just completed the 9th year of serving dinners to the Ketchum Community! May 31 was the last dinner for the 2016 – 2017 schedule. We will start up again on October 4, 2017.

We had an excellent year at Ketchum Community Dinners. We served 981 dinners during the thirty-five weeks from October 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017. We have had an average of twenty-eight people per night eating at the dinners. Our largest group was fifty-two people. We have eleven teams that served dinners this year! In total, we have had over 289 volunteer’s days. What a wonderful gift to our community!

I would like to thank all the volunteers. We couldn’t do this service to our community without the help of each person and the dedication of the team leaders. I also want to recognize the donations from our local restaurants. Rico’s Pizza and Pasta has donated a salad each Wednesday for the last nine years. At five gallons of salad a week, we have received 165 gallons of salad this year! Big Wood Bread Company donates bread each week. We pick up about fifteen loaves per week or 495 loaves of bread for the year! We also receive donations from Ketchum Grill, To-Go Boxes at cost, Scott Mason cooks the turkeys for Thanksgiving and they donate other miscellaneous supplies when needed. Despo’s Mexican Restaurant has donated over one gallon of salsa this season. The Pioneer Saloon donated baked potatoes when we need them. Also, Windy City Signs donated a new sign for the dinners! Thank you to these business that help make dinner so yummy.

I also want to thank the help of the Hunger Coalition, The Sawtooth Camp and the Idaho Food Bank. These organizations donate needed food to the Ketchum Community Dinners so that we can operate this mission with a very small budget. Also, a big thank you to the Idaho Food Bank for the partial grant for the new freezer. PCBW contributed the rest of the money needed out of the Ketchum Community Dinner fund.

We need two additional groups to help serve one or two nights for next fall. We need a volunteer to help with updating the facebook page and other advertising. This requires about ½ hour per week while we are running the dinners. Please contact Beth Ward, if you are interested at 208.869.7911 or