Give Hope For Life - Mapalo Academy Sponsorship

We are in the process of creating “Give Hope For Life” sponsorship Easter Egg Trees for the K – 7 th grade students at the Mapalo Academy. Our trees will have photos and names of the students that are in need of sponsors. This year Easter is on April 1 st and in Zambia the school year begins in April so it is the perfect time to present this opportunity to our church, our community and beyond. $50.00 per month ($600.00/year) is what is needed for each student.

Here are five reasons to Sponsor an orphan at the Mapalo Academy:

  1. Relational Connection… There is a long standing relationship between Give Hope For Life, the children of the Mapalo Academy and Care Center for Orphans and PCBW. This means there is a strong relational connection that sponsors have to the ministry. The Executive Director, Chairman of the Board and Controller all attend the church and are deeply connected to what is happening with the children in Zambia and are always available to give a report. The President of Northrise University (another of PCBW’S missions) Moffat Zimba is also on the board and works directly with the director of the orphanage in Zambia. In addition, there are others in the congregation who are already sponsoring children.
  2. Great Investment Track Record… The Ministry is 15 years old and has a successful history of caring for children through education, healthcare, nutrition and nurturing. By comparison, the Mapalo Academy has one of the best records for constancy and helping orphans in the city of Ndola.
  3. The difference Sponsors make is major… Zambia has one of the worst orphan crises in the world and a child who does not have the protection of an organization like Give Hope For Life lives in a very dangerous world. Without outside support, one out of ten children will survive to adulthood.
  4. A Sponsor has the opportunity to see their good works first-hand… PCBW has a long-standing connection to Northrise University which provides opportunities each odd-numbered year to visit Zambia and to see the different ways in which the churches are impacting the lives of needy children. Many people who support the orphanage can actually visit the very children whose lives they are impacting! Studies have shown that children who have sponsors actually do better in school and in life. 
  5. Great Value… For $50.00 a month, a Sponsor can ensure that a child has a good education, balanced nutrition, health and dental care and a safe environment with loving and supportive staff.

Why are we asking to do this now? Because it has been many, many years since sponsorship for the children has been directly requested and many people would love the opportunity to participate and just need to be asked. There are currently 302 students at the Mapalo Academy. The goal is to have them all be sponsored.

Mapalo means Blessing…

We are looking for people who want to be a blessing to these children. God asks us to take care of the widows and orphans. We are asked to be the hands and feet of Jesus while on this earth. We are most like God when we give…after all God gave us His only Son.

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